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POV in a documentary

“I don’t think anybody can be objective or nonpartisan. My take on this is that everybody has a point of view, so what’s wrong with expressing that point of view? But it seems to me, and this is a line

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Letting their voices be heard

I’m currently working on editing the Guatemala piece, and realized that the script is currently twice as long as it should be- not a fun thing to do. So last night I was working on cutting things out, and got

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Disturbing video from Amnesty

If this video, Waiting for the Guards, isn’t Socially Aware Media, I don’t know what is. Amnesty International is putting out several films like this to show what interrogation (torture) really is like. Just a warning- this is an actor

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“Sicko” touches bigger issues

Last Wednesday night, I attended a showing of Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, newly released on DVD. It was part of a nationwide showing time, including a conference call with Moore himself. As most of the reviews have noted, “Sicko” is on

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Manipulation and Intense Scenes

After a recent Fuerza showing, someone (we’ll call them Pat) came up to tell me that they mostly enjoyed it, but one part bothered them. It was the part where we showed the video of the mother in Mexico to

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My Kid Could Film That

I just saw Amir Bar-Lev on CNN. He was talking about “My Kid Could Paint That,” his latest documentary that is playing in select cities. He talked about the role of a documentary maker in light of that film, where

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Before the Music Dies

Last night, as part of the Community Sustainability Project Film Series, I got to see the documentary “Before the Music Dies.” It’s a star studded cast, with Dave Matthews, Les Paul, Eric Clapton, and many others. It uses the tempting

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