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Socially Aware Media and Poverty

In honor of Blog Action Day, I thought I’d write a bit about Socially Aware Media and how poverty comes into that. I’ve found that many people get into media because they want to make the world a better place.

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Fuerza wins a Telly Award!

I’m happy to announce that Fuerza has won a Silver Telly Award! I was the Editor and a Producer on this project, which was released in November 2006. This is the highest yearly award that the Telly’s give, and past

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Fuerza showing at 4f Film Festival

Fuerza will be shown this Friday night as part of 4F (First Fridays Film Festival). We’re returning to the place we premiered, Goshen Theater, in downtown Goshen. We’ll be talking a little before the film plays at 6:20. We’ll also

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Manipulation and Intense Scenes

After a recent Fuerza showing, someone (we’ll call them Pat) came up to tell me that they mostly enjoyed it, but one part bothered them. It was the part where we showed the video of the mother in Mexico to

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Back in the swing with Fuerza

Last night I had the privilege of presenting Fuerza to a class at Notre Dame. Let me tell you what, it was slightly intimidating. Here we are, 4 kids from a small liberal arts college, taking questions from students at

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My Life

Well I’m back in school now. I’m taking classes to pick up a social policy minor I tacked on last spring. So that means I am in Social Welfare Policy and Program (I think that’s the name… it’s long and

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Fuerza Review

Uprising Radio did a pretty good review on Fuerza. They’re a California-based public radio show, and Fuerza was a gift for pledging. The review starts around 11 minutes into the streaming feed, and runs about 12 minutes. Here’s a direct

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