“Sicko” touches bigger issues

Last Wednesday night, I attended a showing of Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, newly released on DVD. It was part of a nationwide showing time, including a conference call with Moore himself.

As most of the reviews have noted, “Sicko” is on a different level than Moore’s other documentaries, coming across a lot more intelligent and less divisive. Moore takes more of a back seat role in this production, and lets the subjects speak for themselves. It doesn’t come across as twisting like Fahrenheit 9/11.

While I definitely saw his case for socialized medicine (and some flaws in his argument), Moore also touched on a much bigger issue- the general apathy of the country. Moore says that in many countries, the governments are afraid of the people, whereas in the U.S., the people are afraid of the government. We can not expect to sit back and expect the government to give us what we need- we need to be willing to fight for it. And when the government makes fighting for what we want hard by undermining the democratic system, we need to be willing to speak the truth ever louder.

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