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Tonight I went to see a great movie- Once. It’s set in Ireland, and some of the actors have brogues so thick I was almost needing subtitles. It’s rated R for language, and really, that’s the only unobjectionable thing in

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Top 10 blogs

For the 10th Anniversary of Blogging, Pete Cashmore at wants to know about your 10 favorite blogs. Here are mine: Rule the Web– I’ve always thought “Pimp the Web” would make for a better name Seth’s Blog– All things

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Grand Central

If anyone wants a Grand Central invite, leave a comment, and I’ll get you one. Grand Central is a service Google just bought, that gives you a phone number for life, and that number will basically ring all of your

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Ray of Light

Okay, feel free to disagree, but I really like Madonna’s “Ray of Light” live concert music video. If you get a chance, check it out. The dancing guys so make it worth the time spent listening to the song. The

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I’ve been reading “Guns, Germs, and Steel” recently, which by the way is very interesting. Through the overview of all of pre-history and history, I saw a third segment of time emerging, more so in our culture, although it did

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Spiderman 3

Saw this in the theaters last night. It’s a bit long, at about 2 and a half hours…but not a bad way of getting some air conditioning. I was warned that Spiderman goes Emo. It’s almost true. He dresses emo,

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Besides having a pretty catchy theme song, USA Network’s Psych actually isn’t a bad show. I laughed out loud a few times, which is a good sign. It drags occasionally, could be a bit more full. But it somehow appeals

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