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My Kid Could Film That

I just saw Amir Bar-Lev on CNN. He was talking about “My Kid Could Paint That,” his latest documentary that is playing in select cities. He talked about the role of a documentary maker in light of that film, where

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Before the Music Dies

Last night, as part of the Community Sustainability Project Film Series, I got to see the documentary “Before the Music Dies.” It’s a star studded cast, with Dave Matthews, Les Paul, Eric Clapton, and many others. It uses the tempting

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Mango Languages

I found this on Mango. It’s a language learning program- totally free. It looks very similar to Rosetta Stone (which by the way, is often available through your public library). I haven’t had time to play around with it

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Some quick links: Wow. This flash thing is completely useless, but oh so fun! information interactive And somehow this ranks up there with the laughing baby on Youtube: An Awesome Gorilla An interesting looking movie:?Great World of Sound From the

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The Shock Doctrine

I just found this video, “The Shock Doctrine” through BoingBoing. It’s really intriguing. Watch it. Basically, it’s about how people are more easily manipulated after a shock, such as 9/11 or a natural disaster. The video argues that this is

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So I admit it. I’m a sucker for awards shows. They’re kinda boring, but every now and again, they throw in some awesome video stuff or something that absolutely rocks. So I was psyched for the MTV VMAs. Here are

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A good site

Here’s a blog I’ve started reading recently. For me, it’s personal enough that it still is interesting, but not so personal that I have to know the people. It’s called Scribble Honey, and I find it interesting. They’ve also launched

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