Tonight I went to see a great movie- Once. It’s set in Ireland, and some of the actors have brogues so thick I was almost needing subtitles. It’s rated R for language, and really, that’s the only unobjectionable thing in the movie.
Plot? I didn’t care there wasn’t much of one. There were long moments with just someone singing or playing, but it wasn’t self-indulgent- just a very pure performance, without all the glitz.
It’s a musical- but nothing like Sound of Music or even Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter- it’s a new look at the genre.
The acting wasn’t that great, but the characters were real- partly because I think they were actually genuine. These are musicians (and really good ones at that) first, and actors second.
Cinematically, I’m guessing it was shot digital, but I really liked the look. It wasn’t overly polished, and the style seemed to mirror the position of the musicians- using what is available to make something beautiful.
And the music- that in of itself is a treat, really. I’m hoping to get my hands on it. Really… it’s a great movie. Go see it.

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