Spiderman 3

Saw this in the theaters last night. It’s a bit long, at about 2 and a half hours…but not a bad way of getting some air conditioning.
I was warned that Spiderman goes Emo. It’s almost true. He dresses emo, yes… but then there is that scene that isn’t sure if it’s from Grease or Anchorman or maybe even Saved by the Bell.
Awhile ago I posted on Redemption in Movies. Spiderman 3 actually gives a good example of this. Won’t say what happens… but it shows that it is possible for things to work out in ways that don’t include violence.
I do wish that the black goo had a name. Think of the marketing possibilities on the black goo… a black soda that makes you aggressive, a black silly putty that has directions on how to throw it at people you don’t like.
And I liked the incorporation of Poke Balls.

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