Guatemala Trip Wednesday

Wednesday, October 17– San Marcos to La Vega del Vulcan
fog was terrible. We were pretty high up in the mountains, (even drove
through the highest inhabitated place in the Americas) so we were
basically in the clouds. We got some good landscapes on the way to
Sibinal, where we had breakfast and discussed what to do. I knew I
couldn’t get great stuff because of the fog. We decided to go for it,
so we drove to the other side of the mountain, a good hour long drive
where our 4×4 rented SUV came in very handy. We went back and forth
between beautiful landscapes and seeing 10 feet. In La Vega del Vulcan
(located in a valley next to a volcano), we taped the first harvest of
fish from fish tanks that were part of the food security project. We
also interviewed a lady whose husband migrates to Mexico looking for
work very often. We ate wonderful homemade tortillas and macaroni soup.
Jordan and I slept in a very short and hard bed. I slept wonderfully-
he barely slept.

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