Guatemala Trip Thursday

Thursday, October 18– La Vega del Vulcan to Yalu via Mexico.
Yalu is a 3 hour walk from La Vega, or a 5 hour drive with a 30 minute walk. We opted for the shorter walk because of all our equipment. We left Yalu early after a quick interview with the owner of the fish tank that had been harvested the day before. We stopped in Sibinal to get some breakfast and shots of market day. A landslide from the heavy rain had blocked off a section of road, so we had to wait 45 minutes while they cleared the road. Had lunch at the chile relleno place in San Marcos (they were out, sadly). Then we headed to the Mexico border, and then to a small town on the Mexico border. It was night, and raining pretty hard, but we had to walk about 45 minutes with all our stuff to Yalu, on the Guatemalan side of the border. It was awful We were soaking and exhausted by the time we arrived at Juan Pablo’s (Juanpa) house.
We had a great supper and I had my first experience with Juanpa playing guitar. He sings wonderful songs with their basis in liberation theology, from a tattered song book put out by the Catholic church in Guatemala City.

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