Guatemala Trip Tuesday

Tuesday, October 16- Santiago, Atitlan to San Marcos
Woke up to try to get the sunrise shot at 5:30 a.m. The sky looked
clear, but sunrise was a bit off. I went back to sleep, and at 6 a.m.,
the sun was looking more promising, but the sky had grown very cloudy.
We drove to a beautiful spot on the other side of Lago Atitlan, and got
some beautiful shots, despite the clouds. (I just watched some just
wonderful shots, and all credit goes to the landscape, not our camera
We then headed west to San Marcos, stopping for a parade that was
blocking our way. The local high school was playing that rap song that
basically goes- “Yeah, Yeah” on the xylophone. That beats YMCA, which I
heard in Honduras.
In San Marcos, we interviewed a nun who worked with some of the
projects. She spoke wonderfully about the preferential option for the
poor, liberation theology and more.
We accidently left Fredy in the hotel and went to this cafe with
AMAZING chile relleno. I’m willing to return just for another one of
those. Fredy found us, luckily, but not before some guy (likely bugging
out on something) yelled some very critical but true observations about
gringos at us.

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