So I admit it. I’m a sucker for awards shows. They’re kinda boring, but every now and again, they throw in some awesome video stuff or something that absolutely rocks. So I was psyched for the MTV VMAs. Here are my notes I made on the show.

  • Britney Spears opens show with absolutely no energy, barely even lip syncing.
  • Sarah Silverman totally blew the opening. The crowd responded worse than they did for Colbert’s Presidential Toast, and what she said wasn’t even important.
  • All the video stuff is awesome, but crazy ADD-esque. Remember when Pokemon gave kids seizures? It was like that.
  • Chris Brown is an AMAZING dancer. I almost want to be him.
  • Almost.
  • Alicia Keys’ set was killer, and set her apart from many of the other performers as actually being talented.
  • What’s with the sudden popularity of the Adam Sandberg look?
  • Miss South Carolina couldn’t even match herself in the original.
  • Content? Not important. Message? We got money. And lots of it.
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