The Shock Doctrine

I just found this video, “The Shock Doctrine” through BoingBoing. It’s really intriguing. Watch it.

Basically, it’s about how people are more easily manipulated after a shock, such as 9/11 or a natural disaster. The video argues that this is then used to push a neoliberal agenda when people are most vulnerable.

First of all, the video is a shock in itself, and almost seems to be what it is preaching against. It is flashy, with terrible and scary images pulsing across the screen. I am not eager to be manipulated, but this video leans towards that.

But beyond the method of communication, it seems like a very valid theory. People are indeed more likely to act childlike after a terrible event, when they are in shock. (Maybe that explains Senator Craig’s actions after being arrested?) And for me, it doesn’t seem like a far fetched idea that a neoliberal agenda would be pushed after an event like that.

It just annoys me when something with a good message totally screws up on the medium, and really loses out on being able to communicate well.

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