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San Jose

I’m spending the next week in California, on a short break from my work in Honduras. I’ll be at the Mennonite Church USA Convention, doing a couple things. First, I’ll be showing Fuerza. I’ll also be presenting two seminar on

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My Developed Eyes

I’ve done videos in four developing countries: churches overcoming apartheid in South Africa, immigration from Mexico, poor coffee producers in the Dominican Republic, and currently a woman’s group doing education in Honduras. This trend (as well as some articles I’ve

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Bush’s Immigration Bill

I don’t claim to be an expert on immigration, but here’s my take on what’s happening. First of all, the main problem I see is with the terribly high wait times for processing, up to 12 years, to be allowed

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So here’s what’s been going on with me. My primary focus has been Fuerza, a documentary about immigration. It premiered two weeks ago, and about 1500 people have seen it, at our premiers and in classrooms, clubs, and more. We

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My major current project is almost done! We are releasing Fuerza on November 9, in Goshen Theater, in Goshen, Indiana. Feel free to come watch- it should be a good time. Subatomico, our soundtrack band, will be performing, and we

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Check out the New Trailer

I’ve been collaborating with Soluz Films on a Documentary on immigration titled, “Fuerza.” There is now a trailer available for your viewing pleasure. Check it out at and clicking on the Projects page.

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I’m back

I’m back at school now, so the short film should be up shortly. Yell at me if it’s not up shortly. In the works is a documentary (yes, something actually serious) on immigration and how it challenges communities to change.

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