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Shoe Shiners (rather belated)

This is about 2 months later than it should be, but I’ve bene having some annoying camera/computer problems that kept me from posting. Before I left for the DR, my brother convinced me to get a pair of Skechers that

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My Developed Eyes

I’ve done videos in four developing countries: churches overcoming apartheid in South Africa, immigration from Mexico, poor coffee producers in the Dominican Republic, and currently a woman’s group doing education in Honduras. This trend (as well as some articles I’ve

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From beach to Snow

Yeah. I woke up last Tuesday 50 feet from a beach, and Wednesday morning woke up a foot away from snow. That’s just wrong. But at least I’m going back to the tropics soon enough. More on that later. So

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Back in the US

I just returned from the Dominican Republic, and will be actually arriving at home tomorrow. I have a little over a week before I go to Honduras, and am excited for that. Meanwhile, I have updated the movies page with

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A new short

So I am here in the DR, and here is my first video production. It may take a bit of explaining, since it has a lot of DR specifics. Inventemos The ads at the beginning are campaign ads all over

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The Vaina I’m up to

Hey everybodys, Welp. I moved. But only closer to the sea. We?re in the service part of the program right now, meaning no more classes in a baking room. Or spanish classes in a beautiful backyard. But life is still

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Just a week left in the city

I have exactly a week left in the study portion of SST, so that is seeming really short. I’ve really enjoyed living with my family and getting to know the basics of city life and transportation. However, I’m going to

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