Back in the swing with Fuerza

Last night I had the privilege of presenting Fuerza to a class at Notre Dame. Let me tell you what, it was slightly intimidating. Here we are, 4 kids from a small liberal arts college, taking questions from students at one of the most prestigious universities.

But it went fine. As much as I am not a fan of public speaking, I have really grown to love and embrace speaking about Fuerza. It’s something I love, and had a blast doing. So maybe I still stumble occasionally, and what not, but it’s still fun.

The class was Migration: Documented, and part of the university’s
Institute for Latino Studies. Each week, the class (and any public)
will watch a film on migration. Sounds like an awesome class to me.
By the way, if you’re in the South Bend area, check out the other films in the series. It looks decent.

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