An Ode to Baleadas

An Ode to Baleadas
In two haikus and a bunch of prose

One baleada
sencilla is not enough
At least two or three

Flour tortilla
beans and cream slathered folded
Splurge on eggs and meat

2 lempira BaleadaI’ll admit. I’m not ready for American food. When I went to San Jose, my stomach was weird all week. I was so happy to come back to beans, eggs, and tortillas for breakfast; rice, meat and tortillas for lunch; and beans, eggs, and tortillas for supper. (Okay, so there is more variety, but that’s the most common.)

But the crown of all Honduran food is the baleada. A baleada is a flour tortilla, filled with at least beans and sour cream (the sencilla). Other possible ingredients include scrambled eggs, meat, tomato, avacado, cheese, and well… whatever you want.

Baleada There are some great places to get baleadas, from the street vendors to Baleadas Express and King Baleadas to gas stations. The best places hand make the flour tortillas fresh. The edges of the tortilla should be slightly thicker than the middle, but sturdy enough to hold a nice glop of sloppy fillings.

I’m definitely going to miss baleadas.

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