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There are almost 3,000 questions on Youtube for tonight’s Democratic debate. A few of them will actually be used tonight. Here’s a few that caught my interest:

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    – “If elected president, will you support legislation that will retard
    and compromise this electronidge (sic) communications entity?”

  2. Link
    – Good question from an Australian. Will they allow questions from foreigners?
  3. Link
    – Perhaps inspired by Sicko?
  4. Link
    – Not really sure what to think about this one, I’ll be honest…?
  5. Link
    – On farm subsidies
  6. Link
    – I’ve been wondering this myself
  7. Link
    – Why can’t children vote? Will get an “Aww, how cute!” and then be looked over… which may be exactly the problem
  8. Link
    – The sound track for this video can be found by searching “Urban” in SoundTrack Pro. That’s funny. He thinks he’s hard
  9. Link
    – Intriguing. This guy’s asking Mitt Romney (a Mormon) what he thinks
    about taxpayer money going to the Mormon church through his tithes
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