“According to the UN, the population that lives
on less than a US dollar per day in Honduras has lowered from 37.8% in
1990 to 20.7% in 2004. The goal is that it lowers to 18.9% in 2015.”
Also, about 45% of people are self employed, and 11% live off of remesas, money coming from family who have immigrated, likely to the US.

This comes from a two page spread today in the newspaper, on Honduras’ progress with the United Nation’s Millenium Goals. It’s a nice overview of where the country is now, and it’s looking better, but still not good. Here’s the link in Spanish, for those of you so inclined, and a probably bad translation in English, and another shorter article in English.
I find it interesting that an article like this is published here, that the poverty is so readily acknowledged. Also, it has a definite leftist tone that seems unusual for political climate here.

Here are two quotes I thought particularly interesting:

  • “What has happened is that the rich ones have
    always lived at the cost of the poor men, that is the truth.” -Juan Ramon Martinez, Analyst
  • “The parties have always governed
    for the powerful classes of the country “. -Doris GutiÈrrez, Deputy UD

I think it’s great that these ideas are out there, and that people are aware of these issues. The article also talks about the gap between the rich and the poor, and shows the difference is salary that men and women says.
It’s a pretty thorough look at the current situation of Honduras.

This weekend, I’m headed out to Olancho, which I’m hoping reminds me of my campo home in the DR. (Just look at the mountains!)

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