Watch your hands!

I managed to watch a bit of the Republican Presidential Debate tonight. (My family gets everything, even TV stations banned in the US. It’s great. But more on that some other time.) Here’s my thoughts:

  1. I will never vote for someone who moves their hands like they’re karate chopping with both hands in slow motion. (Although I would vote for someone who actually had that skill.)
  2. Why is Ronald Reagan seen as a positive precedent?
  3. Giuliani definitely said that insurance needs to cover less, instead of more. I’m not sure how that helps anything.
  4. One candidate (I forget which) bashed Washington, saying that it screws up anything it takes over. Reminds me of a terrible mayor my hometown had, who ran on the slogan “Don’t trust City Hall” (and then spent the next 4 years swearing at public events and collecting sports memorabilia). If you don’t have faith in where you’re going, why go?
  5. Politicians are very good at dodging questions.
  6. Seems these candidates are still happy calling themselves pro-life, while not objecting to war, and are fine with denying healthcare to people. Pro-life needs to be a comprehensive agenda, not just a one issue agenda.
  7. Speaking of a one issue agenda, Ron Paul (which reminds me too much of Sean Paul) managed to turn every question I saw him answer into something on the war. And oddly enough, he was the only person to get consistent applause.

That’s all for now.

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