In the DR

Well, I am in the DR now, and having a great time. Currently, I am living with a family with 4 kids, all about my age. It?s a great fit, and I?m really having a good time. My mom makes me juice everyday, or rather a juice and milk drink… passionfruit or papaya or orange… it?s all so good. I?m working on my Spanish, and I think it?s better than it was when I came here just 5 days ago.

I?ve been riding around in carros publicos and busses, abut always with someone. Tomorrow, I have to ride all alone. It should be fun, and hopefully uneventful.

They?re having a cold spell, meaning it gets down to 70 degrees at night. It?s also been raining a lot, but it?s still a very beautiful country.

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