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Lenten Devotional

My Lenten Devotional is up today on Goshen’s site. Check it out. Somehow, I managed to tie in the scripture with America’s Best Dance Crew.

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Mountains that bring prosperity

I wrote a devotional for Goshen College’s yearly Advent devotion series, entitled “Mountains that bring prosperity.” It was released today to go along with the scripture, Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19. Check out the whole series of devotions here– they’re generally pretty

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Guest blog on

Hey- I have a guest blog over on It’s on how to make a socially aware documentary. Check it out!

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Yet another blog

I’m going to be blogging a bit as part of the program I’m in right now- Service Inquiry Program, through Goshen College. I’ll probably duplicate some of the posts from here, but that blog will have a little bit more

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