Obama tells a good story

I watched Obama’s infomercial tonight, but only to check out the production values and editing, I promise.

But really, I think it was a brilliant example of the power of story. Obama took the personal stories of 4 families (from swing states, of course) to illustrate concretely what his policies will mean for them.

And it worked so much better than just a list of of what his policies will do. Much better. Story allows a personal connection, and reminds us of our human connection.

When working on the preproduction promotional video for Church Community Services, they asked me what the key thing was to create a connection with the viewers. I immediately replied- story. Personal stories. The writer was able to include many stories, which personalized an undermarketed organization.

It’s not just Obama who is using stories to create connections. Joe the Plumber is a powerful personal connection coming from the McCain campaign.

Oh- and vote.

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