cokeToday I was drinking a Coke, and one of the workers at the office started talking about it. He used to work at the Cerveceria, the place where they make Coke, Pepsi, all those sodas, as well as the country’s 4 beers- Salva Vida (sponsor of all Honduran soccer), Barena, Port Royal, and one other whose name escapes me (there is a lot less beer advertising here than in both the US and the DR). Suprising, it wasn?t a conflict of interest for an evangelical to make beer.

So he filled me in quickly on the history of Honduran Coke. It used to be made in Tegucigalpa, the capitol, but the water was too bad and the Coke had a bad flavor. They had to run it through 3 water filters. So of course, they take the production to San Pedro Sula, instead of trying to make the water supply better for everybody there.

I definitely feel better drinking soda here than in the US. The soda here actually has real sugar. For those of you who have been paying attention for awhile, last summer I tried giving up High Fructose Corn Syrup for a month. HFCS is the sweetener used in US soda, and I learned that it is terrible for you, and almost impossible to avoid. So I?m reveling in the sugar here. Plus, it tastes better.

I’m all for getting sugar back into our drinks in the US. So is this person.

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