Making of a Boom Mic

A boom mic is a pretty nice peice of equipment to have, very useful and versatile. I brought along the mic and the holster, but didn’t have access to an actual boom. So I decided to make one. Darin brought in some 3/4″ PVC pipe he had at home, and Marcos helped me cut the PVC pipe down into three peices that fit in my tripod bag. Next order of business was creating the connecting peice between the holster and the boom. I took a connector, and put a slot in the middle, and halfway through the peice. I found that by boiling the peice, I could cut it a lot easier with a knife. Took a good 30 minutes of whittling away as it was. Next order of business was finding a hardware strore, and then finding the peices I’m trying to describe in Spanish. Finally found some bolts and nuts and washers, and an extra PVC connector (all for 50 cents). Went back to the office, drilled a hole in the connecting peice, and put the bolt through. This took some wriggling and enlarging of the hole. Finally the connecting peice was finished, and held the holster pretty sturdily. Added some grip in the form of gaff tape, and I had a 7′ boom, in three peices, each a little over 2′. It seems like it will work, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I may have to find a solution to a slight creaking.

Connecting Peice boiling Finished Connecting peice Handle Peices in bag with tripod Boom mic in use
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