Part of the body, update

Posted on March 10th, 2010 by James

I have a couple corrections I want to make clear about my post, Part of the body, not outside agitators. My anecdotes are faulty, but I still stand by the points I was making.

I contacted Pastor Marc Hershberger, whose quote about “outside sources” triggered my rant. He clarified that the outside sources he was referring to was not extra-Mennonite, as I read it to mean. He meant that since this was for pastors, he wanted this to be a forum for pastors, not from seminary professors. He brings up some good points on why this should be the case.

So to be clear, he was not referring to “outsiders” as I understood him to say. I apologize to him for assuming the meaning of his speech.

Also, Shawn, the Director of Six11 Ministries also posted a comment. He does indeed have Mennonite connections, but doesn’t put them on his web site-

Now, I consider myself first a Christian (a lover of Jesus), and then a (fill in denomination name). So, no, I do not have my Mennonite heritage on my site … sorry, I just don’t think it’s that important to note. Besides, six11 Ministries is a non-denominational ministry. We work with the Body of Christ, of which Mennonites (straight and gay) are a part of.

So I want to apologize to both of these men, and thank them for being willing to engage and clarify.

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  1. It’s all good James – no hard feelings at all. Thanks for this :0)


  2. hey james,
    great site. i wondered if you’d let us post “This Hurt Isn’t New” at we’ll accompany your blog with a link to your site and any other info you’d like. thanks!

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