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Multilingual Video Process, Part 1 (Shooting)

Making videos is an exercise in story telling, and most videos use words – spoken or written – to help tell the story. These words are powerful, and a good video producer/writer/director/editor usually needs a good grip on language. But

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Motion: Script Text Write on

I’ve posted a new tutorial for Motion 3. I’ve been wondering how to do this for awhile, so I gave it a shot! Enjoy. Motion: Script Text Write on

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Welcome to

Thanks to the Mark over at for linking to my new tutorial on making vines in Motion.

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Making of a Boom Mic

A boom mic is a pretty nice peice of equipment to have, very useful and versatile. I brought along the mic and the holster, but didn’t have access to an actual boom. So I decided to make one. Darin brought

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Thanks to for sending traffic over here by linking to my one tutorial. If it’s your first time here, enjoy the site. Most of the things are on the movie page, but I have some other things hanging around.

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Hey I decided to throw up a tutorial about how I made my poster for my door. Check out the new tutorial section above. More tutorials are sure to come. Let me know if you have any suggestions for tutorials.?

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