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Follow all Followers Twitter Applescript

NOTE: Twitter has turned off the necessary API that allowed you to post from the command line, meaning this method no longer works. Looking to keep up with following your followers on Twitter without clicking through Twitter’s interface? I whipped

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I’ve been working on another site, over at It’s an aggregate site, where I’ll be posting links to Final Cut tutorials from around the web. When I learned Photoshop, I did it through tutorials that I found through one

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New Motion Tutorial- Animating a Poster Effect

Inspired by the Obama posters that are everywhere these days, I made a tutorial on animating a similar effect in Motion 3. Of Representative Jim Gerlach. Not Obama. Poster Turn Example Check out the tutorial here.

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Video Wall Tutorial for Motion

I recently posted a tutorial on how to make a wall of photos in Motion. The effect is nice, yes, but wouldn’t it be nice to have videos instead of pictures? Well, its your lucky day. Motion: Video Wall with

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Controlling FCP with your iPhone

The new iPhone was released yesterday, along with the much awaited App Store. Now, without going through the tedium of jailbreaking your iPhone or (in my case) your iPod Touch, you can install third party applications. Over at The Editblog,

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Sites I find helpful

Sorting through the massive amounts of sites online can be intimidating, especially when trying to find good info on editing and video stuff. So I’ve come up with a listing of the sites that I subscribe to, or at least

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Multilingual Video Process, Part 2 (Writing/Editing)

This is part 2 in a series of articles on how to create Multilingual Videos. The first part covered shooting. This part will cover what happens up to the point when picture is locked. First of all, organize, organize, organize!

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