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Guatemala Update 1

Hi from Guatemala. My keyboard is terrible, but I will try to make this good English. We?ll see. Saturday we got a little bit of a look at the city, and spent part of the evening in the Cultural Zone

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A Guate Me Voy!

In 4 minutes, I will be off to the wonderful world of Guatemala, land of volcanos, Mayan ruins, and let’s see what else. Next post from a place that hopefully is warmer!

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The Wanderer

When I came back from Honduras, I was so psyched to stay in the same place for more than 3 months at a time. Evidently, I can’t do it. Next Saturday, I’m heading to Guatemala. I’ll be there from October

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Am I changed?

I had my exit interview for the Service Inquiry Program (who gave me a scholarship for going to Honduras) today. It was interesting to try to process my experience a month and a half later. The whole experience is fading

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Shoe Shiners (rather belated)

This is about 2 months later than it should be, but I’ve bene having some annoying camera/computer problems that kept me from posting. Before I left for the DR, my brother convinced me to get a pair of Skechers that

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Trip to Goshen

So I made the 10 hour trip out to college today. Thought I’d try my hand at “liveblogging,” kind of. In other words, I was bored. And thought I’d share it with you. I called my new favorite toy, Jott,

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Pass, dang it!

So I’ve heard about cultural shock, coming back from a time outside of the U.S. But what hit me kind of suprised me. So I was done visiting my brother, who just moved in with his new wife to a

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