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MAMA, Gabriel, and more videos up

I just revamped the video section of the site to include about twice as many videos. I’ve dug up old goodies like Gabriel, and others are some of the more recent projects I hadn’t put on the site yet, like

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This is weird. I have a post that is for some reason giving me a lot of trouble. I tried posting it earlier today, and it took the site down for a few hours while I tried to troubleshoot. I’ve

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I’m happy to launch I realized that I’m not really a director, and no one calls me Face anymore, so the site name was just bad. I’m not planning on changing my name, and figured would be a

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RSS Feed

If you’re subscribing to the RSS feed, please switch over to the new feed- ? If you aren’t yet subscribed, click the above link, and it will help you subscribe. For those of you unfamiliar with RSS, here’s a basic

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Hello all. I’ve updated the Resume, Equipment, and About Me pages. Check it out!

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In response to a comment, the podcast link now describes how to subscribe to my podcast. Have fun!

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The only news I have is that we have a new way of doing news. It’s easier for me to post news, and- this is cool- you get to post comments. That’s right… if you have something to say, leave

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