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Thanks to the Mark over at for linking to my new tutorial on making vines in Motion.

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Dolores Huerta on Human Rights

Cesar Chavez is well known, but perhaps just an important figure in the fight for farmer workers’ rights is Dolores Huerta, who cofounded the United Farm Workers Union with Chavez. I was able to hear her speak twice today here

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Up and running

Well, I’m happy to say that my new computer is up and running, a complete editing machine. I installed Final Cut Pro, and it seems like everything is working fine. This means that I’ll be able to do freelancing a

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Here’s an interesting contest I came across today. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is asking people to answer this question: “What advice would you give the next U.S. President on preventing and responding to threats of genocide and related crimes

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Fuerza showing at 4f Film Festival

Fuerza will be shown this Friday night as part of 4F (First Fridays Film Festival). We’re returning to the place we premiered, Goshen Theater, in downtown Goshen. We’ll be talking a little before the film plays at 6:20. We’ll also

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What I’m trying to do

So exactly what am I trying to do with this site? What is this whole Socially Aware Media thing that keeps coming up? I have no easy answers as to what Socially Aware Media actually is, and I don’t claim

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MediaStorm: Deeper understanding

In response to my earlier post about MediaStorm (MediaStorm Doesn’t Go Far Enough), Brian Storm, the founder of the company, contacted me with a reply, and permission to pass on his response. My main critique was that MediaStorm doesn’t go

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