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Customize the FCP Help Menu

Say you have an in-house manual that details organization, storage, archival, all that nitty-gritty. Or maybe you have a style guide for a particular client. Or perhaps you’re the system administrator, and want everyone to have quick access to your

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FXPlug Intro Video

One of the major benefits of Final Cut is a robust developer community, with lots of plugins. I started messing around with plugins about 3 years ago, starting with FXScript. FXScript is very simple, and allows you to write the

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Add file types to Compressor Droplets

Compressor Droplets can be extremely helpful- but recently I ran into an annoying issue with them. You can’t just drop any file on to the droplet- this is a good thing if you accidentally drop, say a text document, on

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An April Fool’s Joke for FCP

If you’re still looking for that perfect April Fool’s Day joke, this may be just the thing you are looking for. Imagine this- your hapless assistant editor is editing away, la-de-da, when all of a sudden they come across an

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Quicktip on ProVideoCoalition

Scott Simmons is doing his 28 Days of Quicktips over at the ProVideoCoalition site. This year, he accepted reader submissions, and mine got in! I export a ton of video to XDCAM Professional Discs at work (I think I’ve averaged

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601/709 to RGB Filter

A common problem taking a video from Avid to Final Cut is color space- Avid works in 601/709, and Final Cut works in RGB. This leads to low contrast video when using a video exported with Avid in FCP. Luckily,

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Readable Timecode Window Burns in Compressor

One of my clients does a lot of shooting, and needs rather quick turnaround on timecode window burns. We could set up the DVD recorder, and play out through the Kona card, but that is real time, and occupies an

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