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An NLE Suggestion – Play to in, Play from Out.

I have been working on a series of web videos that are basically cutting an hour speech down to 10 minutes. I’ve been using Premiere for this, and my general workflow is to cut out the fat as I play

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Waveform Art Filter


The Waveform Art filter is a thoroughly useless piece of code for Final Cut Pro pre-X, that basically takes your image, and puts a crappy version into your waveform monitor. Try it out To try out the Waveform Art filter,

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Crash Test Trailer wins a Gold Empixx Award

I’m happy to announce that the book trailer I made for “The Outsider’s Guide to the CrashTest Nation” by Rho Mack has won a Gold Empixx award. The Empixx Awards may not be the Emmys, but I’m still proud to

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BackToTheEdit.com – Non-Editing Essentials for Video Editors

Chances are, your passion for video editing centers around story telling. And, chances are that you find yourself doing less actual story telling than you’d like. One day, I realized that I was working at a company with “Editing” in

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New Demo Reel Up

I have posted my Summer 2011 Reel, with all kinds of fun graphics and shots that show a bit of my aesthetic side. I am happy to be back on the market as a freelancer, and while I’ve stayed busy

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Book Trailer for “Crash Test”

“The Outsider’s Guide to the CrashTest Nation” is a young adult book for non-readers, by Rho Mack. I worked with the author to capture the playfulness, mystery, and suspense of the novel in a book trailer she could use to

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Fading to black correctly

One of the first things I learned at my first internship was how to properly dissolve with multiple layers of footage. I began to notice incorrect dissolves in the wild, and it still drives me crazy, 5 years later. To

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