Toxic- Garbage Island review

I honestly have no idea how I found this… I even went through my history, trying to find how I got here. No idea. But really, it’s pretty intriguing, has produced an insightful, yet unorthodox, example of advocacy journalism in “Toxic- Garbage Island.” This 12-part video series is about a trek the film makers took to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a place rumored to be as big as Texas. What they find is not what they expected, and not what I was expecting either.

Toxic- Garbage Island pictureOne of the main strengths of this documentary in its story telling is that it introduces an obscure subject to the main characters at the same time we the audience are introduced. They wrestle with the same questions I did- why should I care? How bad is it? What can be done? Are we screwed?

(Warning- strong language)

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