Dolores Huerta on Human Rights

Cesar Chavez is well known, but perhaps just an important figure in the fight for farmer workers’ rights is Dolores Huerta, who cofounded the United Farm Workers Union with Chavez.

I was able to hear her speak twice today here at my college. Her speeches were wide ranging, covering everything from immigration to Venezuela to NAFTA. You can hear the first speech here.

Huerta took quite a lot of time to talk about immigration in light of a new bill that has passed the Indiana House of Representatives which would severely hurt the immigrant population in the area.

I was grateful that Huerta brought up the fact that NAFTA is a major cause of immgration, I topic I have written and talked about.

Huerta also spoke about the dignity due to people who work with their hands, which by chance I had written about for last week’s editorial in The Record. I have wondered, then, what my role is as I graduate from college and become a professional media producer. Huerta said it is the role of professionals to help the people who work with their hands, the people who society does not give the respect due to them.

And is this not what Socially Aware Media should be? I have these talents, and I need to make sure I use them to help, and not to hurt.

Huerta also spoke in support of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, which prompted a Venezuelan immigrant to refute some of what she said. This brought up what Huerta called a “schizophrenia” about world leaders – select ones are demonized, but other ones who are much worse in many ways are supported by the United States.

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