The Amero?

What would happen if North America had one currency, similar to the euro in Europe?

Interestingly enough, it’s been proposed. The amero, it’s called. It got a bit of a mention during Larry King’s interview with Mexican President Vicente Fox on Monday Night. (transcript) That’s when the idea first came up.

It turns out there is tons of speculation on the subject, and Fox basically stated that he and President Bush have discussed the idea.

Evidently, the whole thing blew up when Hal Turner (News and Commentary for White, Straight People) claimed to have received “professional images” from somebody in the treasury department of the new coin.

I’m not an economist, by any streretch of the imagination, so I have no idea what this means for the common people. Would one currency level the playing field or make it even more slanted? A University of California study says that yes, the playing field could become more level. It says the U.S. would lose some of their coercion power, as they would not solely control the money- among other things. Basically, the playing field is too advantageous to the U.S. already, and we dare not make it leveler.

Maybe we just need to switch fields.

(Photo from Hal Turner’s site)

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