Guatemala Update 1

Hi from Guatemala. My keyboard is terrible, but I will try to make this good English. We?ll see.

Saturday we got a little bit of a look at the city, and spent part of the evening in the Cultural Zone of the city with some Goshen grads, and had a blast.

Sunday morning we drove around the city, getting variety of shots showing the wealth and poverty of Guatemala City. We then went out?to the north side of Lago Atitlan, to a town whose name I can?t really pronounce, but it is really touristy.? So that was a fun evening.

Today was incredibly long. We took a boat across the lake, and got some shots of the surronding mountains? and volcanos. Beautiful.Got to Santiago, Atitlan, and rode on the back of a pickup to a small town outside. Most people speak Mayan language, so?interviewing was fun. I asked a question in English, which someone translated to? Spanish, which someone else?translated to the?Mayan language, and then back again.

I also got footage of a woman weaving and the? results of a landslide.Tomorrow morning comes the sunrise shot- 5:30 it should rise, between two volcanos.

A bit on? who I am traveling with:

  1. Jordan S.- my assistant,?also from Goshen.
  2. Nate H.- our ?Supreme Commander?. He works in Guatemala with MCC and knows the communities and people where we are filming.
  3. Rebecca B.- MCC Latin America Advocacy person. She has?a?great? knowledge of?a lot of things that I?ve been thinking about.
  4. Juan Carlos- for last year?s spanish students at Goshen, he is now working in Atitlan in the community? where we were today.
  5. Fredy- our?assigned assistant from Zoom? Technologies.?A stipulation of renting their gear was that he come along. It actually is working out well. Theories that he would be constantly running to the bar?or carrying a gun seem to be unfounded. He?s pretty fun, and seeming to be?getting the hang of??our crazy group.

Until the next Ciber- seeya!

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