The most interesting reading I’ve done all day is the transcript of the interview Ahmadinejad gave 60 Minutes last week.

I watched a bit of his speech today at Columbia University, and am not sure what to think. He has been named a top enemy of the U.S., but on what grounds? He really calls out this reporter, Scott Pelley, on buying whatever the government says, and then accusing people based on that.

“…as the representative of the media, why do you insist on the untrue accusations leveled by your government? This doesn’t solve anything. It seems to me it’s laughable for someone to turn a blind eye to the truth and accuse others. It doesn’t help.”– Ahmadinejad

It does seem true that our reason for being so anti-Iran is SOLELY based on what the U.S. governement is saying. While Ahmadinejad does come off very flaky on saying that there aren’t Irani weapons in Iraq, he does say he is anti-terror.

Which leads me to another point- terror is relative. What the U.S. calls terrorism does not constitute the entire list of what is considered terrorism. What about CIA activity, the actions of people trained at WHISC, and other things? Terrorism does not have an accepted definition, and so anyone can use it as they please.

Picture from http://www.ahmadinejad.ir/

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