Pass, dang it!

So I’ve heard about cultural shock, coming back from a time outside of the U.S. But what hit me kind of suprised me.

So I was done visiting my brother, who just moved in with his new wife to a house in the middle of tourist/Amish Country. He’s a braver man than I. I got some omelet toppings at a road side stand, and was returning home when I got stuck behind a SUV with Florida plates doing 35 in a 55. The driver realized I wasn’t happy with this state of affairs, but didn’t speed up. Instead, he did something by most standards up north here is bizarre.

He pulled onto the ample shoulder and maintained speed, allowing me to pass.

It’s amazing, really. It works amazing. I’ve seen this done in Honduras, the DR, South Africa, Honduras, and, yes, even Texas. There is room for three cars abreast, easily, on most two laned roads. Two cars pull slightly over, and one passes in the middle. No crashes.

Wouldn’t that be safer than swerving around buggies, bicyclists, and babies, because the the oncoming Beamer is in its rightful lane?

It would work here, too. But how does something like that become the cultural norm? Otherwise, if only a handful of people do it, it’s just a dangerous and stupid thing to do that will likely kill you.

And let’s not have that.

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