Festival Junial

Vomit RideI hope that doesn’t translate to Junal Party…

Anyways, the Festival Junial is kind of like a month long celebration for the city of San Pedro Sula, since the day of San Pedro (Saint Peter) is near the end of June. So it’s full of parades, carnival type things, and probably general debauchery, but my host family has shielded me from this if it does indeed exist. It started a bit early this year, due to both Sampedrano futbol teams playing in the finals (read more here: España wins, España!!!)

ExpocenterSo this week was the culmination of all of this, with roads blocked for juegos mechanicos (amusement park rides), and every kind of food stand and bootleg video place imaginable. And this doesn’t just happen in one place, it happens in several places throughout the city. The queen of all places, though, is Expocenter, where I ended up going today.

There were vendors from all over Latin America, selling Mexican sweets, Peruvian Pan Flute music by some guy named Tupac (not the rapper- I asked), and more. Lots of stores from Honduras, even hair cutting salons, temporary Whirly Thingtattoos that last 15 days, and piercing parlors that claimed to be painfree. I will call that false advertising despite not testing the claim.

Of course, there was tons of food, which I felt safer not eating, and lots of rides, bumper cars, etc. (The last picture is of my host sister and her boyfriend on one of the rides).

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