Real España!!!

Just got home from seeing Real España, one of San Pedro?s two soccer teams, win the semi final game against Montagua, from Tegucigalpa. Go yellow and black!

I wonder if soccer would be more popular in the US if people could shoot fireworks and flares off from the stands. And throw crepe paper (and crap) and people. And if there were 30 fouls in a single game (i’m not kidding). And if the fans got into the game (I saw a proud dad holding his grinning 1 year old up as a few hundred people cheered Hijo! Hijo! Hijo!) Although I’m sure we could do without the Japanese, Swatsika, and Confederate flags, as well as the giant picture of Bin Laden…

I wonder if it’s going to get hotter. I hope not. I’m learning to LOVE air conditioning. And not celsius. Dang not learning that.

But all in all, life here is going well. I’m getting to see a whole lot of different communities with my work here. MAMA works a lot like Justicia Global in the DR, doing leadership training, community development, medicinal plants, etc. MAMA also does a lot of work in education, both preschool and special education.

I have a new cell phone here. It’s called a frijolito, or little bean, because, well- it’s little, black, and cheap. If you really want the number, email me for it. With a good excuse why you need it, plus a joke that will make me laugh out loud.

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