Amazing Honduran Television

Things I have seen live on Honduran Television:

  • An extremely dirty lens
  • Very poorly white balanced cameras
  • An anchor receiving a call on a cell phone from the head of the Supreme Court, and conducting a quick interview before filling in the audience on?the other side of the conversation
  • A serious news peice on a guy who claimed to be Jesus Christ trying to cross the border into Honduras. And then- “This just in- he’s now claiming to be the Anti-Christ”
  • Telling people to SMS them, and they’ll put the message on the bottom of the screen during the news.
  • Using an Excel-type program to show the results of a poll, asking which soccer team the viewers favored, during the news. They then chided people from one city for not calling.
  • Changing exposure while live
  • The anchor fading in late, on top of the green screen background- I think they’re using GlobeCaster.
  • A roundup of all the?bloody deaths of the weekend across the country, including shots of bloody bodies.
  • A US Army recruitment commercial. On local TV.
  • The anchor on a major news station reading off papers for lack of a teleprompter.
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