Amazing Honduran Television Pt. 2

  • Very poor green screens
  • An entire segment where all the B roll had a posterization effect applied
  • A cell phone video of some guy performing cunnilingus, supposedly in a
    university cafeteria- during the news. This was a news item.
  • The “Live” overlay on soccer footage that was obviously not live and likely pirated
  • Audio not coming in on time
  • Inconsistent Drop Shadows within a segment
  • Random beeps in the background
  • They have Fox News. And that’s pretty much as bad as TV can get.
  • The text on a blank screen: “Downloading. Please wait.” Then: “Can’t find satellite.” Then the show comes on, but with a box in the middle saying: “Satellite found. Click OK.” No one clicked OK.
  • The mobile unit’s feed on a 2 person strike cutting out. (Seriously… they had footage of 2 people standing there with signs on 8 1/2 by 11 paper.)

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