Just a week left in the city

I have exactly a week left in the study portion of SST, so that is seeming really short. I’ve really enjoyed living with my family and getting to know the basics of city life and transportation. However, I’m going to be able to stay on in Santa Domingo, at least part of the time.

My service assignment will likely be with Justicia Global, an social organization. Two workers there are graduates of the SST program. I worked with them for a showing of Fuerza, and I’m really excited to be working with them. I will be putting together a promotional video for them over the course of about 6 weeks. One aspect I’m really excited about (but hasn’t been cleared with Justicia Global yet) is the possibility of local film students helping out. UASD, the oldest University in the Americas and with a whopping 150,000 students, is public, with about a $5 tuition fee. This means that the focus is much more on theory than practice, and that the film students have little access to equipment. So I’m hoping to be able to work with them on the project, so they can get practical experience, and I’m sure I could use some help. So I’ll be moving to another family in the city next Friday, and will likely have another family in San Cristobal, about 30 minutes away.

So what’s been going on the last bit. We drank cokes in the National Palace in Santa Domingo. We went to the border town of Elias Pina, and went to the border. Went to an international market, where the clothes you donate to Goodwill likely end up if they don’t get sold at Goodwill. Learned a lot about reforestation, and saw avacados being grafted. Saw a cock fight (my rooster, the white one, lost). Saw the supposed ruins of an ancient Taino village (a rock surronded by other rocks in the middle of a soccer field). Ate lots of rice, beans, chicken, chuleta, and lots of juice. I’m loving Skim Ice.

Tomorrow I’m going to Florencia with two other SSTers. We have no real idea what’s there. But we have to write a 3-5 page paper on the town. It’s at the end of a dotted line “road” and will liekly not have a hotel, so we probably will be sleeping at someone’s house. Should be fun.

Oh- and the fish bone came out while i was eating pizza.

Fish Bone

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